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God's Dice lyrics


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     God's Dice
    >> Pearl Jam
        It?s out of my hands, making all hands meet
    Stumble as it?s crumbling out of reach
    It?s in the cards of destiny
    Your sanity in tow
    Designate my luck
    This power has no roots to guide, no role
    Trust me, rusted minds refuse to go
    Unwillingness, it?s meaningless
    To walk away in vain
    Designate my will
    Designate my fill
    My will is crashing, synapses flashing slow
    Days like frame by frame, where do they go?
    Yeah, why fight? Forget it
    Can?t I spend it after I go?
    Roll them high
    Throw them again
    All Gods? dice
    Monkey driven, call this living, ha ha ha
    Too much thought, it?s overwrought, a hole
    Minding yours, what?s mine, not yours
    Will finish us off
    Designate my life
    Designate a view
    Designate my will, my will, my will, I will
    Resignate my god
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